Street Art 7

Paper boats


Sweet bread and wine: The Holy Spirit Festival

Today was the festival of the Holy Spirit, which traditionally had more of a religious significance, but today in Ponta Delgada it manifests itself as a giant parade and gathering where people give out free soup in the morning and in the afternoon sweet bread, wine, and even beer.  Each town in São Miguel has a representative float of a craft or product and goes down the main street by the marina.  We had an amazing time exploring this parade.  This is something that was so genuine to São Miguel and I know could never happen in the United States.  Giving out free wine poured from barrels from the back of the float? Even with a permit, people would need wrist bands and tight security.  Here the people just come together, celebrate, dress traditionally, drink wine and eat bread.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the festivities.  Honestly the bulls were my favorite.

Bull wagon

Crown of Divino Espirito


House of Soup

Throw a stitch

Fishing off the truck