Farewell Atlantis Project

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Base5: Introductory English Class

Today I taught my first English class (ever) at the hospital.  I only had one student who was very excited to learn and happy to be there.  (There was a miscommunication with the schedule.) We went over the pronunciation of the alphabet, numbers, ordered numbers (first, second, third…), and time.

Food for thought: when do you define afternoon from evening from night? It varies among culture to culture, person to person.  As I taught time there was a bit of gray area if it was 5pm in the afternoon or 5pm in the evening.  Also Portugal uses the 24 hour clock so there is no concept of am and pm.  Most of my class today was conceptual but I definitely think that I am equipped enough to help the student(s).

In contrast I stayed for the advanced class taught by my colleague, Cody.  They are very advanced so they just converse and occasionally are corrected and write down words for vocabulary or syntax.  The advanced class was full of nice, intelligent professionals.

Very excited to teach more, but also very excited for the weekend!