Upon walking back from the festival, some of the AP fellows found a kitten in the field next to the cookie factory near to our residence.  As expected, we decided to take her in.  One of our colleagues has family on the island who will actually care for the cat.  Until they arrived I housed/hid the kitten in my room after sneaking her past the security guard in my jacket.  We bought her food, water and some milk.  She was a very sweet and kind kitten who liked to cuddle.  We named her Carina.  She is already off to her new home, but she definitely brightened our day.

Kitty Carina

“Mommy, can we keep her?”

Carina and me

-“Is she clean? She could have ticks or fleas or rabies.” -“I have had cats before and I am premed, let me take a look” -… -“yeah she is fine, pretty clean” We tried and check her out to see she was clean, and we didn’t find anything, but we are no experts. But who are we kidding, we were going to snuggle her anyway. She was so loving!


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