First Surgery

Today I watched my first surgery: a pediatric urethroplasty. This surgery is all about finesse. A baby is fragile enough, but a surgery on a baby’s reproductive organs is incredibly sensitive since it is a functional organ that needs to be able to react and respond as well as grow with age. I never would have thought my first experience in an OR would have been watching rerouting of a urethra to the proper urethra opening, but it was, and it was still awesome. The surgeon told me that this is a very frequent and common procedure done on infants from a very young age (months old). The surgeons were very gentle with his organ and had to make many small sutures, which one day will not be seen. Tomorrow I believe I may be able to watch a kidney surgery, however it is up to the digression of the surgeons. I was so nervous watching the surgery since I have always said I wanted to be a surgeon without actually seeing a surgery. Good news! I did not faint, vomit, or even freak out. Honestly, the whole time my jaw was dropped, gaping in amazement at their technique and skill. Thank goodness I had a mask on and they couldn’t tell!
I hope that one day I have the same precision and accuracy and will be able to have as successful of a surgery as the doctors did today and many more. This is why the Atlantis Project is so incredible. I get to live my life for five weeks right behind the doctor and almost step into his/her shoes and see if this is the life I want for myself, and so far I think that med school is a pretty good next step. Hopefully I can get my EMT certification at Wellesley during wintersession!
*Edit – the specific surgery was due to Hypospadias



3 thoughts on “First Surgery

  1. Rachel, I am so proud of you! You are learning so much – both about medicine and the caring of the patient. Your descriptions of the hospital, the doctors, staff and the “shadowing” make me feel like I am part of your experience. What a fabulous environment to learn. I know you will make a great doctor if that is what you decide to become! Love, Mom! XXOO


  2. Wow Rachel!
    It sounds very exciting! Please keep posting! I would love to hear more about your experiences!
    All that bravery, and the ability to excel under pressure is all because of piano:)!! Right:)?
    Love you!


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