Daily life in Peds

As this is my third week in pediatrics, I have gotten used to the rhythm and expected layout of the day. Upon arriving to the meeting room, the doctors are greeted with a sheet with a list of all of their admitted patients. As a team they go through each case and the proper treatment. After this discussion the doctors check on their individual admitted patients, doing rounds with their residents and colleagues. There are usually some extra complications after checking on the patients, but once it is all resolved they usually get a coffee. I really love the European appreciation for a small espresso. These doctors do not walk around with their Starbuck’s cup as we do in the US but take just 10 minutes to sit or stand in the café to enjoy a coffee before going back to work.
Once they return they recheck up on the admitted patients if necessary and then head to consultations. These consults are like a typical doctors appointment. These appointments continue through the day until the doctor goes home.
* Once a week hospital doctors work in the pediatric ER instead of the daily hospital wing. This is much more upbeat and based on urgency and quantity of people.
**I have been told that many people try to sneak their children for regular check-ups by coming to the ER because it is free. However, if these patients try to do this, they are in a triage system and since they are green, meaning they can wait, they may wait all day.


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