Fourth of July

On this beautiful day there were only 7 Atlantis Fellows. To celebrate the long weekend people went to visit family and tour, however the 7 that remained had an amazing time. We started off our morning with a sail on a gorgeous 37′ catamaran that had netting in the foreward part of the vessel to sit on top of the waves. We went our for two hours and were able to sail around the south side of São Miguel and we saw dolphins! The dolphins swam alongside our boat for approximately 20 minutes. They were amazing. There were at least 12 dolphins and there was one calf with his/her mother. They were inseparable. We decided to not jump in and swim with them, since we were afraid it would scare them away. We followed up the morning sail with a delicious lunch : Hamburgers. It was fourth of July, but our azorian beef was tastey, and my burger had fresh, local pineapple too. After laying out on one of the cement beaches and taking naps, we returned to the residencia. We ended the night with homemade lasagna. I will definitely remember this holiday because it was truly special.

P.S. While we did all these amazing things, Dr. Juan messaged me about our urgent patient yesterday. He had me read a paper (which was in English) and write him a little summary so that he and the doctors could be sure that if she matched the symptoms, the follow-up according to this research. Turns out the patient matched all the criteria I summed up and translated into Portuguese and they continued with the treatment I wrote and translated from the article. I really feel like I was able to make an impact on this patient’s success and treatment, even though I just read and translated parts of a medical article.

Happy Fourth!


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