Patience and Pediatrics

Some days the hospital is slow.  It is expected.  Coupled with a sleepy intern, the morning was long and boring, but luckily for me perseverance and patience saw me through. The pediatric department is the best place to be bored because there are always things to do.  I found an origami kit and made little animals. Today the residents brought cake (someone’s mom made this amazing chocolate cake) and passion fruit soda. Additionally, I saw two very raw an usual cases. One of our patients who was discharged today asked to take a selfie with me.  Lastly drug representatives came to ‘educate’ Dr. Juan on some drugs and came with samples.  One of the drugs/creams/remedies was sunscreen! Overall a pretty good day!

The cherry on top = pediatric surgeons are coming in July and I have been invited to stay with the pediatric department to keep shadowing them.  So I have a hunch I won’t be leaving anytime soon 🙂


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