Sea Urchin

Before my internship had really even started we adventured into some of the beautiful beaches of São Miguel, but turns out all places with sand should not truly be treated as beaches.  As it turns out there are sea urchins hiding in these smaller beaches, lingering on the rocks from higher tides.  Naturally my clumsiness and slimy rocks ended with stepping on a sea urchin.  

Next day I casually asked the doctor I was shadowing if he knew anything about sea urchins and referred me to one of his colleagues who surfs, Pedro.

If you step on a sea urchin:

  • Soak the area in hot salt water, this will help loosen up the spine from the skin
  • Acquire a good needle (like a surgical one that has a beveled end)  
  • Carefully remove it
  • Apply antiseptic
  • Bandaid
  • Keep clean and watch for infection
  • Tip: you can clean it with hot salt water too if you don’t have any antiseptic cream/jelly/ointment

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